Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What excuse for not doing the housing study will there be tomorrow?

SEWRPC first said it just didn't have the money to do the housing study it promised more than two years ago.

Money apparently is no longer the problem. Now the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission now says it's just too busy to get to that study right away. From the Daily Reporter:

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission has delayed a regional housing study because its planners are too busy working on Smart Growth plans for the counties surrounding Milwaukee.....

“We’re not singling the housing study out by any means of the imagination,” (Executive Director Phil) Evenson said of the delay. “I’ve got a list of things I can’t get done.”

Wonder what the new excuse will be tomorrow.


M said...

I believe they already have a 1st draft of the housing study. Unfortunately, the dog ate it.

Geoff said...

There are plenty of highly qualified consulting firms that could do this study.