Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Regional cooperation (giggle)

The collective noses of the Waukesha County Board are out of joint because reallocation of federal transit dollars to communities that actually provide transit left Waukesha County a total of about $100,000 short.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, after 25 years of an allocation formula that shorted Milwaukee County, developed a more equitable formula after Milwaukee County finally got around to object to being shafted.

"Give us our money back," said Waukesha County Supervisor Ken Herro.

Regional cooperation, my eye. Herro is heavily involved in SEWRPC, and has consistently supported SEWRPC's plans to expand freeways in the region, a move that will cost Milwaukee County the most in terms of lost tax base and negative environmental and health impacts. Milwaukee and other communities in Milwaukee County also have torn down millions of dollars in buildings to develop new flood control areas needed, in part, because of development in Waukesha County.

And Waukesha County is crying about $100,000? Give me a break.

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James Rowen said...

Let's trade for the annual hundreds of thousands of dollars that Milwaukee County ships to SEWRPC every year to help the agency promote its suburban agenda.

And don't forget the $250,000 in Milwaukee County deed transfer fees that SEWRPC dipped into so it could pay consultants to write a water plan for the suburbs.

Or Milwaukeans' share of the $1 million in state funds WisDOT sent to SEWRPC to come up a freeway expansion plan that grabs tens of millions in Milwaukee County tax base for widended lanes.

Including lanes disaaproved by the Milwaukee County Board and Common Council because they harmed the city and county for the convenience of suburban commuters.

Who don't have adequate inter-county transit, including light rail, vetoed by Waukesha County.