Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A great day in a couple of court cases

There was great news yesterday in a couple of court cases. The first, of course, is the 4th District Court of Appeals' rejection of the Bush Administration's policy of holding suspected prisoners without charges forever and ever, amen, or as long as the Bushies want to, whichever comes first.

Score one for the courts. Let's put the meaning back into the Constitution.

And in a decision that may lead to the reintroduction of fundamental fairness into the courts, the US Supreme Court has agreed to review the sentencing disparity in sentencing between crack cocaine cases and powder cocaine cases. Defendants in crack cocaine cases -- predominantly young black males -- face extraordinarily long sentences if they are convicted. Judges don't like the mandatory sentences and neither do many prosecutors. It is simply time to take a new look at this issue and restore some sanity to the sentencing guidelines.

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