Friday, May 04, 2007

Slamming the Door, Part 1: Secrecy Grows in America

A government eager to hide information from the public is not a healthy one. It is one, however, that is running the United States. From Secrecy News:

Los Alamos National Laboratory will no longer permit

historians and other researchers to have access to its
archival records because Los Alamos National Security (LANS),
the private contractor that now operates the Lab, says it has
"no policy in place" that would allow such access.

"Policies that had previously applied to the University of
California relating to the disclosure of information directly
to you are no longer applicable," wrote Judy Archuleta of the
Los Alamos Information Practices Office to Alex Wellerstein,
a graduate student at Harvard.

Mr. Wellerstein had sought copies of Lab records on the
history of nuclear secrecy policy and he had been led to
believe that access to such material would be granted, in
accordance with past practice.

"Because LANS is a private company, the policies that applied
[previously] are no longer in place," she said.

"No policy is presently in place that authorizes the direct
disclosure of the information you seek," she wrote.

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