Thursday, May 03, 2007

SEWRPC: Trust us, our plan sucked

The County Board's Transportation and Public Works Committee has endorsed a regional transportation plan that includes the massive freeway expansion pushed by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.

It appears, from the brief in the Journal Sentinel, that at least part of the reason the plan got the county committee's backing is that SEWRPC's did a really lousy job on its own million-dollar freeway study. That study said that dozens of homes would be taken for freeway expansion. Now, SEWRPC says, maybe not.

How nice for SEWRPC. First, it downplayed the value of the 100-plus homes, mostly in Milwaukee and Milwaukee County, that it said will have to come down for freeway expansion. People in Milwaukee and Milwaukee County, however, did not see their homes as expendable.

Unable to convince residents they should just make way for the bulldozers, the Pewaukee-based agency is now disowning its own work -- now it says that freeway expansion will probably destroy fewer homes than it said in its million dollar study just four years ago.

What will SEWRPC say next? And why should we believe it?

And where do we go to get our million dollars back?

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Anonymous said...

Once again I remind all about the "reasons" the downtown trolley was killed. "No indentified funding source..." All who are against public transportation ran through the streets yelling out Barret's name. Many claimed they were not fighting against the project per se but rather "it was not fiscally appropriate to vote for a project without knowing how to pay for it." Where are the now?