Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bush plans to plan til it's too late to do anything

President Bush announced he will ponder greenhouse gas reduction until the day he leaves office.

On Monday, Bush directed that new rules be developed for limiting greenhouse gases from mobile sources. Eventually. Bush is quoted by the Environment News Service:

"This is a complicated legal and technical matter, and it's going to take time to fully resolve. Yet it is important to move forward, so I have directed members of my administration to complete the process by the end of 2008." Bush's term of office expires January 20, 2009.

Boy, the next president is going to be one busy person: first, cleaning up the mess Bush made in Iraq, then cleaning up the mess Bush made in the air.

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Dennis R. Van Wey said...

Bush continues to prove to the
public that he is an incompetent,
arrogant, blind and deaf rich man,
who thinks he is a monarch. He has
bankrupted our nation, disintegrated our Bill of Rights, and killed off our young people,
all in the name of OIL and money
in his pockets.

Well, King George W out to be
kicked out, expelled, and removed
from Washington D.C. permanently.