Thursday, April 12, 2007

The slow reaction to Don Imus

This guy should have been fired immediately after he uttered those inflammatory, racist words. His downfall, though, is playing out in slow motion, and will occur, if it does at all, only as the final event in a chain that started with his unacceptable comments that at sort of bounced around here and there enough to get regular folks agitated, which motivated slumbering, happy-to-pay-for-hate-talk-unless-there-is-consumer-backlash corporate sponsors to shake off their lethargy for a few minutes and pull their ads , which finally got the attention of Imus' employers, who finally took action. Sort of.

His show was suspended for two weeks, but Imus, as if this writing, still has a job.

It took a full week for MSNBC to pull the plug.

Newsweek's staff regularly appears on the show, and the mag's editor says it doesn't want to "rush to judgment," on the matter. Says editor Jon Meacham, "At the same time, he's on serious probation here. It's a very big deal. We take this seriously."

This is all just too little, really late.


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Anonymous said...

Wrong. If he had been fired for the first hundreds of times he said similarly sexist and racist crap, he wouldn't have had the chance to do it again this time. And finally pay the price for it -- after reaping his millions and the network bigshots' millions.

What really took him down this time was from inside, where he had no friends left among his coworkers, because of all the crap he said about them and did to them over the years.

In sum, this has taught the network bigshots nothing. For one thing, they focus on the racism and still don't get that, as the Rutgers team said, they were more upset by the sexism. (Throughout this, it has been fascinating to watch how little that anyone really has listened to what they really said.)

But if the networks had to actually learn what sexism is and stop all the sexism on the airwaves, it would cost them a lot more of what they put on the air.

How their mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters can stand the network guys, I don't understand. But then, it turns out that Imus even called his own wife a whore, and on the air. So as long as these guys don't want to listen to women with a head on their shoulders but keep focusing on the rest of their anatomies, there will not be the change needed for more than half of the people in this society -- and the real men who really love them.