Friday, April 06, 2007

Georgia Thompson, Steve Biskupic and Rudolph Randa

Georgia Thompson's long personal -- and very public -- nightmare is over.

Xoff is right -- the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision freeing her is a total humiliation for US Attorney Steven Biskupic. The decision also raises a number of interesting questions about US District Judge Rudolph Randa, a really, really conservative guy who has served on the advisory board of the local chapter of the ultra conservative Federalist Society. Randa usually handles white collar criminals rather gently, but he packed Thompson off to prison immediately and refused to let her remain free pending her appeal. In his decision denying her post-conviction bail, Randa said Thompson had no real reason to expect her conviction to be reversed.

What were Randa's motivation on that one? Biskupic overreached and will be beaten up good for this one, but nobody should forget about the guy in the robes.

Now the state needs to step in, pay Thompson's legal bills, and make her whole for her salary and fringes. Maybe throw in a couple of weeks of vacation and a massage.


Geoff said...

How about some compensation for her life savings and the home she had to sell to pay her legal bills?

And, how about an apology from the US Attorney for frivolous prosecution?

Anonymous said...

How about Biskupic sells his fancy home in the Highlands to pay her legal bills?

Lori said...

Where can I learn the full background and details of this case? Where? All I know is about the reversal, and that the federal appeals court thought her initial conviction was based on flimsy evidence. Exactly what are the facts that caused it to be investigated? Please advise.

Gretchen Schuldt said...

Try Google.

Type in "Georgia Thompson" "Adelman Travel" and that should tell you what you want to know.