Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The domed stadium is great: translation

It was a good idea for local taxpayers to pay for a roof on Miller Park so if it snows in Cleveland the Indians and Angels can play in Milwaukee, under the roof paid for by local taxpayers.

Yes! Levy sales taxes in metro Milwaukee so millionaires in Cleveland have a place to play baseball without actually having to schedule a double header in their own city!

And if a big snowstorm or thunderstorm hits Milwaukee during a Brewers home stand, local fans will still be able to sit under the roof that they paid for, sip grossly overpriced beer, watch the sausage races, and talk about how that roof didn't work right for the first several years.

Maybe, during a pitching change, they can even talk about how their unwillingly surrendered tax dollars built the stadium that increased the value of the then-hapless team by millions and millions of dollars, which allowed the Seligs to sell the team and walk away with huge, taxpayer-financed profits.

See how nicely that roof turned out for all the really rich people involved in the deal?

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