Friday, March 02, 2007

Troha indicted; Doyle muddied

Dennis Troha is now indicted for violating campaign finance laws. My bet is that this is not over, and more indictments will follow. A key questions, of course, is whether this will be
a purely Democratic scandal. Or will US Attorney Steve Biskupic, a Republican appointee, cast his prosecutorial gaze on both sides of the state's aisle?

It is likely that plenty o' mud will stick to Gov. Doyle, even if no one is convicted. Troha's indictment paints a rather unseemly picture of modern-day campaigning. Troha wanted approval of a casino deal that would make him a rich man. Doyle's campaign, coming up against a campaign finance reporting deadline, asked Troha to raise some money, presumably to pump up Doyle's numbers before they were made public.

A Doyle "campaign official" then trooped to Troha's office to pick up $47,500 in campaign checks Troha family members wrote either on that very day or on the previous day. A few days later, Troha "loaned" those family members the exact same amounts they donated to the campaign! How's that for a coincidence!

Doyle and his campaign may or may not have known how Troha allegedly arranged the family "donations." Doyle and/or his minions, though, turned to someone they really help out if Doyle were re-elected, and asked that someone to raise lots of cash in a hurry. That someone did. Are we really supposed to believe that no quo was attached to that quid? Are we really supposed to believed that the Doylies believed that?

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