Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jambois is Busalacchi's boy

Bob Jambois, WisDOT's top lawyer, on his boss Frank Busalacchi:

"I've found him to be a person of exacting integrity, of the utmost integrity, and of total honesty and total commitment to serving the people of the state of Wisconsin."

He also said, according to a prepared statement, that Busalacchi is "one of the finest individuals to ever lead this agency."

The statements, taken together, are a definite, definite candidate for butt-kiss of the year.

As for the second statement, how the heck would Jambois know? How many WisDOT secretaries does he know well enough to judge their characters?

And it turns out that Jambois, in his former life as Kenosha County district attorney, receive Troha and Troha-related contributions, and Jambois' wife worked for Troha, promoting his casino interests.

All that is perfectly fine and legal, at least on its face.

Jambois says those connections to Troha are not enough to force him to recuse himself from acting in his official capacity in the current Troha trouble.

Jambois is wrong.

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