Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gov. did the right thing on job training

Gov. Doyle did abosolutely the right thing transferring the Private Industry Council from the county to the city. The PIC, which coordinates job-training efforts and work force efforts, was remarkably ineffective under the tender leadership of County Executive Scott "Let them drive cars" Walker.

PIC Board Chairman John Hiller defended the his agency. "Existing agencies have all had failures, but we're making changes and becoming more effective and working in partnership with Milwaukee Area Technical College and Bucyrus International," he said.

Except that the PIC was backing out of at least some of its relationship with MATC.

On Jan. 26, PIC Executive Vice President David Wilson sent out a notice stating that some agencies expecting money from the PIC wouldn't be getting it.

Effective Monday, March 5, 2007, we are temporarily suspending authorization of WIA (Workforce Investment Act) funding for the following adult activities:

* New training vouchers
* New intensive services vouchers
* New Customized Skills training programs
* New specialized certification trainings

The notice makes specific mention of MATC:

The previously planned specialized MATC trainings are included in the suspension. Customers already referred to the PIC for these trainings must be notified of the training suspension.

Sounds like a great partnership for the PIC. Make agreements, then back out, and keep the money.

Just how much is the PIC sticking MATC for, I wonder?

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