Saturday, March 17, 2007

Annette Ziegler shows disrespect for the law

Supreme Court candidate Annette Ziegler continues to demonstrate amazingly poor judgment.

Washington County officials, in response to an open records request, provided 37 pages worth of information about phone calls made from Ziegler's office -- but all the numbers were blacked out, according to Cory Liebmann at One Wisconsin Now:

A letter from Washington County Finance Director, Susan Haag, cites “strong public policy reasons for non-disclosure” and writes that every phone call placed from Ziegler’s office over a 25-month period is redacted to protect 'confidential information.'”

Ziegler could release the numbers herself, but hasn't. Washington County's interpretation of the law is more convenient for her than ensuring that the law is actually followed.

That is one more reason she should not be a Supreme Court justice.


Ben Masel said...

Can we count on Ziegler, if elected, to continue to vigilantly protect Privacy in communications? Or just her own?

John said...

You may want to re-read that article.

It says that Washington County made the decision and did not even inform Ziegler on the request. In fact, the article further states that Ziegler did not even know about the request until One Wisconsin sent out a press release.

Finally, in the article Ziegler says if she had known about the request she would have told Washington County to release the information and she does not know why the numbers were redacted.

Gretchen Schuldt said...

You may want to re-read the post. It says Washington County made the bad decision. It also says Ziegler could correct that by releasing the records herself -- something she hasn't done.

John said...

Then how is this her fault? She said the county should have released them and in fact if she had known of the request she would have told them to release them.

Gretchen Schuldt said...

She could release the records NOW, as she could have done the moment she found out about this.

But I absolutely understand your point. Washington County should have asked for her assistance in identifying which phone numbers might be legitimately withheld. It's almost beyond belief that the judge wasn't consulted.