Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Profiting from the chill

You may have suspected it would happen. You may have known deep, deep in your heart that it would happen, even though you wished that it would not happen.

It happened: it got cold, and heating oil prices went up. More good times for big oil. From "This Week in Petroleum:"

Residential heating oil prices increased with the period ending February 5, 2007. The average residential heating oil price rose by 5.3 cents per gallon last week to reach 241.3 cents per gallon, a decrease of 3.4 cents from this time last year. Wholesale heating oil prices gained 10.0 cents to reach 176.8 cents per gallon, a decrease of 2.2 cents compared to the same period last year.

The average residential propane price increased by 1.2 cents, reaching 200.8 cents per gallon. This was an increase of 0.8 cent compared to the 200.0 cents per gallon average for this same time last year. Wholesale propane prices rose by 3.4 cents per gallon, from 99.1 to 102.5 cents per gallon. This was an increase of 1.8 cents from the February 6, 2006 price of 100.7 cents per gallon.

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