Monday, February 19, 2007

Doyle and local control

Gov. Doyle has every right to try to hasten the death of the Milwaukee County Transit System if he feels that is appropriate. If the governor wants to propose a budget that isolates the poor and makes it impossible for people who don't have cars to get to jobs, he can do that.

If the governor wants to push a billion dollar freeway project to the head of the line to please suburbanites with heated cars and attached garages while poor people in the central city wait in the freezing cold for buses that won't come any more, what can anyone say? That's just the kind of guy the governor is.

If Doyle wants to complain about oil company profits while pushing road projects that will increase oil dependency and oil company profits, he can do that, too.

If he wants to talk about the need to deal with global warming while promoting transportation policies that will only add to the problem, by golly, he can go right ahead and do that as well!

And he did! All of it!

The Doyle administration apparently went further than that, though. While the gov was occupied putting together a state budget that will put another knife into the Milwaukee County Transit System, his minions were reaching into local affairs and nixing local funding proposals as well. The Doylies told local officials that they should not look to a local sales tax increase or a lcoal vehicle registration fee to raise the money to keep the transit system alive.

Way to go, gov.

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