Thursday, February 15, 2007

Does Doyle hate transit, or what?

Such a coincidence: a few weeks after a planning agency warns that continued state budget increases of 2% for transit will just about kill the Milwaukee County Transit System, Gov. Doyle proposes -- a 2% increase for transit. He also wants to keep a promise he made to road builders and Waukesha County to spend $24 millionon studies for reconstructing the Zoo Interchange ahead of schedule.

Let's review this again. The Milwaukee County Transit System -- used mostly by City of Milwaukee residents, lots of whom don't have cars -- gets gutted under Doyle's proposal; wealthy Waukesha County gets what it wants, even gets it ahead of time. His other major transportation initiatives -- high speed rail between Milwaukee and Madison and the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee commuter rail -- are great, but also will serve wealthier, more mobile constituencies.

Dear Gov: You won't improve Milwaukee by making impossible for poor residents to get to their jobs.

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citydem said...

Doyle figures he did all he needed to do for Milwaukee when he appointed Made Man Frankie B. DOT Secretary.