Thursday, January 04, 2007

Walker: running again

Scott Walker is running for something, and it's not county executive.

Walker has issued his Agenda for Wisconsin 2007, suggesting, perhaps, that he believes he has adequately screwed up Milwaukee County and now wants to destroy parks and services on a higher level.

The agenda includes Walker's impossible, faded, exhausted dream: "Enact a real property tax levy freeze on all levels of government (including costs diverted to broad based fees like storm water, garbage collection, etc.)"

Maybe that is possible if another funding source for government is developed, but Walker doesn't propose that. Instead, he presents a grab bag of goodies tax cutting goodies, but offers no real way to pay for them. Mark Green didn't have much success with that tactic, and Scott Walker probably won't either.

The county exec, fresh from negotiating a pay raise for the county's largest union, also calls for a wage and benefit freeze for county and local government employees. Walker, however, clearly still lusting after a state gig, does not want to freeze state workers' paychecks. Interesting self-interest there, Scott.

Walker also wants to "pass a constitutional amendment that prohibits raids on segregated funds," a deep slave-boy bow to the road builders. A constitutional amendment? Walker has taken toadying to a new high (or low, depending on your perspective).

The agenda, overall, is simplistic and unworkable, but what the hey -- just like another Walker budget.

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