Monday, January 15, 2007

Build the KRM

Proposal 1: How about building the KRM instead of expanding North-South I-94?

Proposal 2: How about either Mayor Tom Barrett or County Executive Scott Walker stepping up to take a leadership role on Milwaukee transit issues? Doesn't necessarily have to be both -- even one would do.


Steve in Bay View said...

Why isn't ANYONE IN OFFICE coming out in favor of this? It seems to be falling through the cracks. The anti-train people, though, are really starting to build their case. Anti-tax, anti-tax. The Chicago press is paying more attention than Milwaukee...go figure.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea. For years, I've been asking Kenosha and Racine residents about how bad their I-94 rush hour must be for the state to be spending $1 billion widening and rebuilding the stretch of interstate between Milwaukee and the Illinois state line. Of course, these residents acknowledge there's nothing resembling a rush hour on that stretch of highway. The state has no strong rationale for this I-94 expansion, except that there's some population growth in that corridor and there's bound to be growing demand in the future. What a thin reason for purportedly anti-tax officials to squander our hard-earned money!
The KRM, on the other hand, looks like a bargain. It expands our transportation options, provides commuters with an efficient way to reduce their personal gas bills and parking expenses, encourages concentrated economic development and provides another link to Chicago -- where I-94 does experience real and horrible congestion.
All for a fraction of the price of the state-financed expansion of a highway that's already over capacity.