Thursday, December 28, 2006

They're not going away. Sigh.

There was that one, brief, shining moment when it seemed possible the concealed carry wackos would go somewhere else.

After all, Doyle was re-elected, right? The Dems took the Senate, right? No way would the concealed carry crowd try in this state at this time.

But then that short-lived hope was crushed like a rose under a city salt truck. Their shrill voices nag at us about our local Milwaukee and Wisconsin politics all the way from Bellevue, Wash.

BELLEVUE, WA – Anti-gun Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett should financially reimburse armed robbery victims who have been left unable to defend themselves, thanks to the policies of these two politicians, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

In case you didn't quite get who CCRKBA (Pronounced "Crackba"?) holds responsible for thwarting its demand for concealed carry, here's another clue:

“When armed outlaws are not afraid to impersonate police officers,” (Crackba Executive Director Joe) Waldron observed, “and can simply stop someone at gunpoint on a public street to take their money, you know the philosophy that created this mess is morally bankrupt to its core. And that moral bankruptcy rests in the offices of Mayor Barrett and Gov. Doyle.” (Emphasis added)

The other robbery, involving two apparent juveniles who drew handguns on the clerk at a Radio Shack last week, was just as brazen, Waldron said.

One more time...

“Teenage thugs and bogus cops can carry guns,” Waldron said, “but not the law-abiding citizens of Wisconsin, and we can thank Jim Doyle and Tom Barrett for that.

And, then, finally, this:

“The blame for this kind of crime lies in the governor’s office, and among the ranks of Democrats in the House and Senate who failed their responsibility to public safety by not overturning Doyle’s veto,” Waldron said. “And because we know who to blame, we know who should be held financially liable for every penny that is stolen from every shopkeeper and every citizen in Wisconsin. It’s time for Doyle and Barrett to dig into their pockets and put their money where their mouths were.”

So Crackba Joe knows enough about Wisconsin to know the names of the governor and the mayor of the largest city, but then refers to the Assembly as the House and gives himself away as the total hack carpetbagger that he is. Stay away, Joe. Let Wisconsin be Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

You know, as a Wisconsin citizen I do think I have the right to be better armed than my mugger.... said...

Well Anon, as another Wisconsin citizen, I don't think you have the right to go around toting lead that you could fling around without any background checks and in total anonymity.

If you were in my neighborhood I and my neighbors would like to know who you were. In fact, I think you should have to register with your municipality if you want to tote a gun and I think you, at your cost, should have to inform all of your new neighbors that you're packing heat so they can be sure to tell their children to avoid you.