Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Look out,: Ward Connerly and Glenn Grothman

Anti-affirmative action figurehead Ward Connerly is in Madison this evening to testify before the Legislative Council Special Committee on Affirmative Action Policies. Connerly, of California, has pushed anti-affirmative action laws and referendums all over the country.

The very, very, very conservative State Sen. Glenn Grothman is chairing the Wisconsin legislative committee, so it is safe to assume it will not entertain a particularly balanced discussion on the issue.

State Rep. Tamara Grigsby (D-Milwaukee) is not happy that Connerly is coming to town.

"To pretend that this Committee is going to take an unbiased look at the affirmative action policies relating to state contracting and education and come to some fair and equitable resolution is a total farce,”she said in a news release. “The invitation extended to Mr. Connerly by Sen. Grothman gives us a clear indication of the direction of this Committee.”

Rep. Grigsby further noted, “This is not a public hearing, and only invited speakers will be allowed to address the Committee. It is unfortunate that Senator Grothman is more interested in hearing the views of a hired gun from California than from the citizens of Wisconsin.”

Rep. Grigsby went on to say, “I am confident that students and other members of the public who could be harmed by the measures proposed by Mr. Connerly will attend this hearing in great numbers. I know they will want to demonstrate their opposition to the threat this could pose for equality in the marketplace and in the academic institutions of higher learning.”

Grigsby said she and other community leaders in Milwaukee will be holding their own affirmative action hearing here.

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