Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Congratulations to the Private Industry Council for year-old web site postings!

Congratulations to you, Private Industry Council. The most recent board agenda posted on your web site is one year old! While having a web site that out of date might be embarrassing to most public agencies, it's quite timely when compared to your own Job Center Network Committee page -- the most recent documents there date back to 2002.

Thanks for posting a meeting date list for this year, but I'm not sure that comes close to keeping the public informed about where these millions of dollars are going.

And your youth employment page? Wow, there is an entire four employers offering jobs listed there. The employers haven't changed for several weeks now, so I'm wondering about your efforts to keep even this key page up-to-date. Below is the entire youth job listing, as presented by the PIC. Another reason more city officials are questioning the performance of this agency.

Job Title sort Company sort
Classified Sales Representative Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Customer Service Representative Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Sales Associates The Paradies Shops
Stock Replenishment The Paradies Shops
Team Leaders The Paradies Shops
Various Columbia St. Marys
Various Froedtert Hospital

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Anonymous said...

You may want to visit this site:

The PIC went through a major redesign on their website. It's a great desgin and informative.

The newspaper had an article about the website...maybe you missed it. But go ahead and bash this one too, you're good at it.