Tuesday, November 21, 2006

WisDOT to state budget managers: drop dead

Oh, my. The WisDOT gang thinks it can run over the governor's budget folks.

WisDOT Secretary Frank "Miller Park roof" Busalacchi has done a great job blowing ignoring fiscal limits on transportation projects so far (yes, projected $1.7 billion in overruns on just 27 projects is not a good thing), so he must figure he can just roll over and crush Secretary of Administration Stephen Bablitch under the weight of road builder influence.

The Department of Administration told most departments to keep their budget requests flat, Bablitch said in a letter released this week.

The budget instructions directed GPR (general purpose revenue, or regular ol' tax money) agencies to limit budget requests to 100 percent of their fiscal year 2006-07 adjusted base year budgets for both fiscal year 2007-08 and fiscal year 2008-09 ... Budget requests for segregated revenue-funded state operations administrative appropriations of the Department of Transportation, Department of Natural Resources and Lottery were also subject to this directive. Most agencies complied with this directive.

"Most agencies" did not include WisDOT. The most mad-spending agency requested a $155.4 million boost for FY08, and a $70.3 million boost for FY09. That is a 9.2% increase over the two years.

What part of "limit" doesn't WisDOT understand?

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