Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Green ignores that pesky campaign finance law

Here's some more money the Mark Green campaign can return: the $88,600 he took without without properly identifying the donors' employers.

State statute makes that requirement pretty clear: Campaign committees are required to report "The occupation and name and address of the principal place of employment, if any, of each individual contributor whose cumulative contributions for the calendar year are in excess of $100."

The reason for the law is obvious: the public should know who is behind larger donations that might be used to try to influence their recipients.

Green's committee violated this provision of the law not once, not twice, and not even 50, 75, or 100 or 300 times. A very quick check of Green's Oct. 30 campaign finance filing shows he took in contributions from 465 people for whom he should have reported employment details, but did not. The donations they made this year ranged from $101 to $1,000.

Has Green even read the state's campaign finance law? Can someone read it to him?

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