Saturday, November 11, 2006

Doyle not seen as Mr. Clean

Members of a conservative/progressive panel of bloggers at download 2006 (sponsored by One Wisconsin Now and Boots and Sabers) were in surprising sync in their rather skeptical view of the integrity of the Doyle regime. Here is audio of the discussion, including audience input (the audience tilted conservative).


badgervan said...

When it comes to politicians being "clean", its a matter of degree. I'll take the dems over the repubs any day when it comes to ethics in office.

Seth Zlotocha said...

Thanks for the audio, Gretchen.

The point I was trying to make concerned the Office of Governor, as opposed to Doyle himself. Reflecting on how the discussion went afterwards, I regretted not making that point clearer.

The Office of Governor has run in what most people would consider an underhanded way for years, starting long before Doyle took office. We can certainly criticize this, but where conservatives miss the point is by targeting Doyle in a vacuum as opposed to the system as a whole.

Conservatives then fall back on, "Well, I met with Mark Green and he's a nice guy," in order to explain why Green would do things differently, but whether Green is a "nice guy" in person is really not the point (in fact, most politicians are very personable -- it's pretty much a pre-requisite for the position).

It's the office itself that matters, and Green gave no agenda for how he would change the office itself (in fact, he proposed creating a committee aimed at driving commerce in the state, and suggested he as governor would lead it -- talk about creating a direct line of fundraising for your re-election bid).