Friday, November 03, 2006

Dohnal does a brain dump

Xoff has posted one of the threats State Sen. Tom Reynolds' good friend Bob Dohnal sent along trying to intimidate folks. Among other things, Dohnal says:

I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years hunting for trophies and have them over my fireplace. I would really like to add the butts of Gretchen Schuldt, Bill Christofferson and Jim McGuigan.

You can read Xoff's full post here.

I got a Dohnal brain dump of my own the other day:

DA has ruled that sayng that Reynolds used campaign funds to heat home is lie. Building Wisconsin's Future has pulled ad and negotiations are underway to figure out how to redo damage.
You should get attroney. The cows are coming home and your front yard is going to be full of cowpies pretty quick.
As an expereinced reporter you will be under much more scrutiny as you know how to check out stories.
Hope the bill does not cost you your house in Story Hill as we will spend any amount to pin your ears back.
Wait until the DA comes after the corruption in Tosa as a result of the Sullivan double votes.

Just to remind folks -- the DA's office has decided that the double-voting allegations against Reynolds' challenger Jim Sullivan are....yes...cowpies. And the DA didn't say the ad was a lie. And Building Wisconsin's Future didn't pull it.

And Dohnal can't nail my butt over his fireplace, but he can kiss my....


Matt R said...

When does the DA rule on Dohnal? He clearly has crossed the line and is now a criminal.

Freedom of speech means you don't go around threatening to kill people because you don't like what they say. Anyone who loves America accepts that gladly.

Dohnal hates us for our freedoms. He is not just a criminal, he is a terrorist.

Just because no one takes your terroristic threats seriously does not mean one is not a terrorist. Can this guy fly on airplanes? If the 20 year old jerk in Wauwatosa is going to go to prison for threatening to blow up stadiums, why isn't Dohnal?


Tom G said...

Speaking of hunting trophies I received a "trophy" campaign piece in my mail from the Senator.

Ostensibly it is supposed to "reinforce" the notion that Tom Reynolds is a big supporter of hunters and gun owners.

However, the Dohnal brain trust seems to be confused.

First, concealed carry is a personal protection issue...not a hunting issue. It is illegal to take game in Wisconsin by means of a concealed weapon.

The intrepid Senator is also depicted with shotgun in hand taking careful aim at a rather nice buck. But there is something wrong with this picture.

A reminder to Dohnal: the next time you dress-up the Senator to depict something he doesn't have experience doing, read the hunting regulations.

Page 8 says, "a hat, if worn, must be at least 50% blaze orange."

Thanks for the chuckle.

geoff said...

Still time to start that defense fund.....