Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bush unbelievable again

George Bush is telling another whopper.

Really, he says, Donald Rumsfeld's resignation had nothing to do with election results. Really! Not a thing! I just told America last week that one of the most despised men in the country had to stay on my team 4 ever because I wanted to alienate the largest number of voters possible to the maximum extent possible just before the election! I wanted the Senate to go Democratic so I could not get another one of those awful judicial appointments through. Stop me before I appoint again!

OK, George. Sure, uh-huh.

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John Barmore said...

Gretchen, I watched this "speech" yesterday and had a unusual feeling- as my stomach churned as is the common reaction with Bush speak, I had the overwhelming hope that he was actually LYING to us on purpose, for if he truly believes that the war had nothing to do with this election, God help us all. John Barmore