Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tom Reynolds' special interests

Tom Reynolds has repeatedly held himself out as the purest of the pure, above the reach of those nasty special interests. The JS bought his line in its pre-election story:

Reynolds said he's been miscast as a kook and a zealot as payback for refusing to sell his vote to lobbyists...."Madison politics are run by lobbyists and special-interest groups," Reynolds said. "The pressure is always on elected officials to . . . not represent the interests of their constituents.

Reynolds said pretty much the same thing in a Channel 6 story. You can watch it here.

Follow along on our fact check, as we ask the question: Does Reynolds' holier-than-thou approach hold up?

And discover the answer is: Hell, no.

Below is senator's special interest track record, as detailed by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. The list includes just PACs and committees. It omits individual contributions, like the the $3,800 that Reynolds got from the Walton family of Wal-Mart fame.

Surely the Waltons made those six June 30, 2005 contributions totaling $2,600 out of their sheer support for Tom, expecting nothing in return. And of course it is just a coincidence that Christy Walton, of Jackson,Wyoming, wrote two checks totalling $750; Jim Walton, of Bentonville, Arizona, donated $600; John Walton, of Jackson, Wyoming
wrote two checks totalling $750; and Lynn Walton, of Bentonville, Arizona, gave $500, all on the same day.

Tom Reynolds' special interest donations

AT&T Wisconsin Employee PAC (formerly SBC) Telecommunications & Computers $1,000.00
Citigroup (was Travelers Group Inc PAC) Insurance $1,000.00
Healthy Wisconsin State PAC (WI Hospital Assn) Health Services/Institutions $1,000.00
Waukesha County Republican Womens Club Political/Ideological $1,000.00
WI Credit Union Leg Action Banking & Finance $1,000.00
WI Dental PAC (WIDPAC) Health Professionals $1,000.00
WI Insurance Alliance PAC Insurance $1,000.00
WI Restaurant Assn PAC Tourism/Leisure/Entertainment $950.00
WI Concealed Carry Movement Political/Ideological $800.00
Deere & Company PAC - WI Agriculture $500.00
WI Truck Operators (Wis TON) Transportation $500.00
Community Bankers of WI PAC Banking & Finance $450.00
Alliant/WI Power & Light Energy $300.00
WI Automatic Merchandising (WAMC) Business $250.00
WI Energy Better Govt Committee Energy $250.00
Citizens for Joan Tatarsky Political/Ideological $225.00
Petroleum Marketers/Convenience (PMAW/WACS PAC) Natural Resources $200.00
WI Health Care Association Health Services/Institutions $200.00
Pro-Life WI Victory Fund Political/Ideological $150.00
Citizens for York (Local-Greenfield, WI) Political/Ideological $108.51
FONEPAC Telecommunications & Computers $100.00
Friends of Gary Drzewiecki Political/Ideological $100.00
General Electric PAC (GEPAC) Banking & Finance $100.00
Milwaukee Professional Firefighters 215 Labor Unions $100.00
School Administrators Alliance Education $100.00
TDS Telecom Telecommunications & Computers $100.00
Wisconsin Professional Police Association Labor Unions $100.00
Wisconsin Center for Economic Prosperity Political/Ideological $70.00
4th Cong Dist Repuplican Women’s Club Political/Ideological $50.00
Apartment Assn of SE WI PAC Real Estate $50.00

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