Thursday, October 19, 2006

Reynolds turns to intimidation tactics

Received this today.... I'm assuming the letter is genuine, even though it wasn't signed. Nothing like a little intimidation and supression effort to squelch a rising controversy, eh?

Via Ordinary US Mail and
Certified Mail /Return Receipt Requested
Re: Slander of Tom Reynolds

Dear Ms. Schuldt:

Recently you have been publishing on the internet and other places a series of defamatory statements about State Senator Tom Reynolds. You are accusing Mr. Reynolds of using his campaign fund for personal utility bills. At the same time, you acknowledge and are well aware that Tom Reynolds has his campaign office on the same property as his home, which is equipped with those items to run his campaign including printing presses. As such, Mr. Reynolds is required under the Election law to charge his campaign fund for his expenses and take the expenses either as a personal contribution or take a cash reimbursement.

You accuse Mr. Reynolds in your various articles of violation of the Election Law. In doing so, you are blatantly libeling and slandering him. Your sarcasm and name calling (half-baked clown) are uncalled for and show poor judgment and unprofessionalism. While commentaries such as (half-baked clown) may be allowable under the liberal interpretation of the Election law, accusing him falsely of violating election laws is not. Your statements are in fact a violation of the Defamation Statute as well as common law libel and slander since they are made with reckless disregard of the truth and knowing them to be false.

You are a professional journalist and should know enough not to publish false statements without checking your facts and making sure the facts are correct. In your case you are obviously doing this for the purpose of trying to defeat Mr. Reynolds in the upcoming election.

Unless a retraction is published on the Story
Hill Website and in any other posted or published location of your statements, Mr. Reynolds will sue you and the owner of the website for libel and slander. Because your actions are obviously being taken with a reckless disregard of the truth and a reckless intent to harm him in the upcoming election, punitive damages will also be sought.

When you comply with the retraction(s) please notify me at once by furnishing me with a copy of the same via fax at (414) 276-0731 if you do not publish the retraction within seven days of the date of this letter a lawsuit will be started.

Very truly yours,


Thomas L. Frenn TLF/acd


Story Hill Neighborhood Assoc. Inc.
Via Certified Mail and Ordinary Mail

(Please note that the web site is independent and not a part of the Story Hill Neighborhood Association. I'm not sure why this letter was copied to the association.)


geoff said...

I thought you were a budget and policy analyst. When did you get demoted to a "professional journalist"? And, what's the difference between a professional and an amatuer journalist?

Guess we should start up that defense fund, no?

Anonymous said...

If you go to you will find Thomas L. Frenn. So you know where he's coming from. If you go to he is not listed.

I think it would be fun to have Tom Reynolds sue you. You can videotape his deposition and see if he melts. And then your lawyer could ask Reynolds why he would hire a lawyer who doesn't seem to know much about defamation law.

Michael J. Mathias said...

This doesn't look like any libel letter I've ever seen--shouldn't there be dates and specific quotes? I wonder if Donahl wrote the letter and Frenn just supplied the stationery?

Reynolds must have pretty thin skin if the half-baked clown line bothered him that much.