Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Reynolds, at home in his headquarters

From the Oct. 11, 1996 issue of the The Business Journal. Yeah, this is 10 years ago and Reynolds could have moved his headquarters, but interesting nonetheless....

Candidate Reynolds: printer for Christ

Republican congressional candidate Tom Reynolds is frequently described in new
reports as "a West Allis printer."

But just what kind of printing business does Reynolds operate?

An interview with Reynolds at his homespun print shop fleshes out several themes
about his business, including "mom and pop," "church before profit" and even
"printer for Christ."

Reynolds, who is seeking to unseat 4th District Congressman Gerald Kleczka, a
Milwaukee Democrat, in November, has blue ink stains on his hands during an
interview about his business. His work and his politics are closely linked these
days as he is using his garage-based printing shop to print millions of his campaign
flyers. [emphasis added]

Reynolds has been spending a lot of time in the shop since he won the GOP nomination
in September, defeating J. Mac Davis of Waukesha, a moderate Republican who has
served as a Circuit Court judge and state legislator. But the shop has been his
family's primary source of income for much longer than that -- 12 years to be exact.

Reynolds isn't the typical entrepreneur, however. He's never placed a high priority
on maximizing profits.

Reynolds, 39, doesn't try to compete with Kinko's or Econoprint. He doesn't invest
in high-tech equipment. He rarely makes sales calls. And his business, Endeavor
Press, isn't even listed in the Yellow Pages.

"It just perpetuates itself and I don't have to give it much concern," Reynolds said
while sitting with his wife, Sandy, in the kitchen of his West Allis home, 9430 W.
Schlinger Ave., which doubles as his campaign headquarters. (emphasis added)


Dohnal said...

A reporter's opinion is hardly admissable in court as evidence. Keep trying Gretchen, you'll find something someplace.

Anonymous said...

So what?

John said...

You keep forgetting dohnal that the burden of proof is on you. Keep trying.