Saturday, October 28, 2006

Republicans for Jim Sullivan

Two prominent Waukesha County Republicans -- former Brookfield Mayor Kate Bloomberg and hubby Frank Urban, a former state legislator -- are endorsing Democrat Jim Sullivan for the 5th District Senate Seat.

They went so far as to call incumbent Republican State Sen. Tom Reynolds "an embarrassment," according to

The Brookfield couple called Reynolds an "embarrassment to our communities" who "puts his own shortsighted, obsolete views before the interests of his constituents and Wisconsin."

They got that right.

The story continues:

"Jim Sullivan is running for the right reason - to serve and represent the people of this district effectively - whether they are conservative, liberal or somewhere in between," said Bloomberg in a letter circulated to 5th District residents on Friday that urged residents to vote for the Democrat.

Reynolds says the endorsements show that Sullivan is desperate. Yah, right. Don't think so, Tom.

Bloomberg said she and her husband have signs in their front yard supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Green, 14th Assembly District Republican candidate Leah Vukmir and Sullivan.

Here's an idea, Tom: threaten to sue Bloomberg and Urban because you don't like their yard sign arrangement.


Anonymous said...

Okay, she is almost forgiven for that comment years ago about not wanting "those people" to come to Brookfield to buy outwear. THAT was embarrassing. . . .

Ned The Dead said...

"We need the best and brightest in public office" - Urban said.

That speaks volumes.

However, what Reynolds lacks in intelligence and common sense he makes up for in diligently following directions from others.

Imagine how lost he'd be if he didn't have his "brain trust" Dohnal to tell him what to say and do. Dohnal even writes letters that are published with Reynolds signature.

Without his handlers, poor Tom would probably get lost on his way to the Senate coat room.

Joe said...

Funny how everyone who has something critical to say about Tom Reynolds is "desperate".

If I may borrow a famous line, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."