Friday, October 20, 2006

Questions, questions, questions about Tom Reynolds campaign HQ

So is State Sen. Tom Reynolds' campaign headquarters at his home or at his rental property? It certainly seems, from this a.m.'s story in the JS, that it is a building behind his rental property.

Reynolds, the paper says, maintains that the utility bills listed on his campaign finance report are for one of two buildings he owns next door to his home that he uses almost exclusively for campaign business.

Later, the story continues:

Reynolds said the utility bills are for an outbuilding behind rental property he owns at 9500 W. Schlinger Ave. in West Allis that has a separate meter from those of his home and the main rental building.

The campaign address is listed as his home, he said, so his renters don't receive that mail.

So is Reynolds' campaign headquarters at 9430 W. Schlinger Ave., as Reynolds (R-West Allis) says on his campaign finance statements, or 9500 W. Schlinger Ave.?

The finance reports that Reynolds is required to file contains this statement: "I certify that I have examined this report and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is true, correct and complete."

So, a few questions if the Reynolds' campaign headquarters really is 9500 W. Schlinger Ave.

Does not reporting the correct address of your campaign headquarters count as failing to report accurately? Is there a "it's Ok if it isn't all true" card if your campaign headquarters is near your house? Would it still be OK if it were a mile away? Two miles? If Reynolds is required to report utility costs, as his lawyer claims (he also claims the HQ and Reynolds' home are on the same property), why wouldn't he be required to claim the value of the rent for his campaign HQ?

Just wondering.

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Anonymous said...

Ask WE Energies for the address of the outbuilding -- each meter is supposed to have a separate address. (Even in apartment buildings or duplexes; those that don't are a reason why landlords include heat in the rent). If the outbuilding shares the same address with his house, it may share the same meter. And then, why the simplistic billing of the campaign for half the bill in some months? The prorating ought to be based on the way the IRS requires for home offices -- square footage of the proportion of the home used for the office compared to the full square footage of the home.

In sum, it seems that Reynolds is claiming that it's like a home office but that it's a separate office. Can't have it both ways when it comes to computing this -- and billing this.

(Btw, a check of his tax records might raise questions as to whether he deducted some of these costs for a home office, too! And since he home-schools, were the taxpayers and/or the campaign donors also paying to keep the lights on for his kids in "school" at home, too? All he has done is raise more questions.)