Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Prediction: Foley scandal won't be an issue in the election

People will forget about the Foley scandal by election time. Dennis Hastert will either step down or he won't, and, either way, he knew at least something about Foley's inappropriate e-mails a long time ago and did nothing. President Bush will be tarred a little bit more because of his support for Hastert, but none of this will affect the November election. So I predict.

Does anyone really believe that on Nov. 7 people will vote against Republican Mark Green in his quest for the governorship or U.S. Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (R-Menomonee Falls) in his bid for re-election because U.S. Rep Mark Foley (R-Florida) is a pig? There are plenty of reasons to vote against either of those two, but Foley's problems aren't among them.

(Memo to Mark: Knock it off with those drinking / priest molestation excuses. They ain't helping and they ain't credible).

A lot can happen in a month to bury this story completely: North Korea could test its nuclear device; the Middle East could further deteriorate; the last strings holding Iraq together could break; the Packers could win another game. A month is a long, long, long time.

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goofticket said...

You're dreaming.
Voter can't forget the following.
The deficit. Body armor. Medicare reform. Social Security reform. The minimum wage. Port security. The National Guard. Diplomacy. The Geneva Conventions. Fair elections. Clean elections. Intelligence. Protecting the Constitution. Protecting the Bill of Rights. Government transparency. Oversight. Separation of church and state. The middle class. The poor. Tax reform. Tax cuts. Bankruptcy law. Global warming. Disaster management. Defeating terrorists. Saying no to lobbyists. Saying yes to public opinion. Pre-war planning. Post-war planning. Competence. Civil rights. Civil liberties. Civil debate. Veterans' benefits. Hiring based on ability. Legal surveillance. Morality. Energy policy. Energy independence. End-of-life decisions among spouses. Inclusion. Learning lessons from history. Learning, period. Drug policy. Fiscal responsibility. Trusting the generals. Trusting the spooks. Trusting the experts. Basic honesty. Basic health care. Education. Creating jobs. Keeping CIA operatives' identities secret. Catching Osama. Playing nice. Playing fair. Refilling ice cube trays. Making paper airplanes. Or coffee. Tying their shoelaces. Making friends. Blowing their noses. Counting to ten five three. Sharing their toys. Telling the truth. Uniting the country.

Protecting underage kids from a predatory congressman.