Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One Big Difference

The JS reports today that the biggest spender on the anti-Mark Green side of independent groups is the Greater Wisconsin Committee, and the biggest spender on the anti-Doyle side is All Children Matter.

One big, big difference the paper didn't mention, but should have: the Greater Wisconsin Committee is a Wisconsin organization trying to influence Wisconsinites; All Children Matter is a Michigan group trying to influence Wisconsinites.

That difference matters.


Anonymous said...

That distinction is largely ignored in law for a good reason--its a formalistic distinction.

All Children Matter could create an organization in Wisconsin and do the exact same thing (I'm sure they will next election)--would that make it acceptable? It seems to me that where the money comes from is the most important thing, and we have about the same amount of information (very limited amounts).

John said...

All Children Matter are sending me a ton of mail supporting Reynolds as well. I thought he was opposed by "special interests", but he seems to be the only one benefiting in this race.

Anonymous said...

People For the American Way has more on All Children Matter

And ACM founder Dick DeVos