Friday, October 13, 2006

An olive branch?

The JS reported this morning that County Executive Scott Walker "offered an olive branch to the County Board" during his budget address, "saying the executive and legislative branches need to 'tear down our political differences' and rebuild county finances."

In October, the paper said, Walker changed his tune and used his awful and unrealistic budget proposal to squeeze up to $500 out of donors by calling supervisors "tax-and-spend liberals."

And it seems like just yesterday (hey, it was just yesterday) that the JS quoted Walker as saying that supervisors did not want to lose control of Community Development Block Grant funds because the supes treat the money as "their own little private slush funds" to be doled out to their communities.

Olive branch? Not. Maybe a silver Russian olive, which has sharp thorns, is invasive and is really bad for living things around it.

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