Thursday, October 05, 2006

Notes from the Sullivan - Reynolds debate

The candidates began by with opening statements. Reynolds, the Republican incumbent whose body resides in West Allis while his mind lives on another planet, cited pieces of legislation he had pushed.

Number one on the list? A law that consolidated animal protection services.

Wow. Yeah, uh-huh. Golly. A heart stopper.

Sullivan, a Wauwatosa alderman, said a mail carrier told him that a lot of Reynolds' mail to constituents doesn't go to the Milwaukee area of the district.

That's OK -- neither does Reynolds.

Reynolds said species preservation ought to be done on public land, "rather than forcing the preservation on private land owners."

Sullivan noted, as he has in the past, that Reynolds was the only one in the entire Legislature who opposed the state's Clean Energy Bill, which requires that 10% of the state’s electricity be generated from renewable sources by 2015.

Said Reynolds: "If anything was a special interest piece of legislation, that would have fit the bill."

That's because investors might make money off of wind energy, which is now more expensive to produce than coal energy, he said.

(Sullivan didn't break much new ground overall -- he said pretty much the same things he said during the forum in Brookfield that Reynolds refused to attend. Videos galore here.)

Reynolds said he supported the so-called marriage amendment because "I believe that man does not have the right to redefine an institution established by God."

More on the debate here.

The most interesting point? The debate was held in Reynolds' church, as he insisted, but he didn't manage to draw much support. The turnout wasn't that great -- about 75 people -- and the audience, or at least the questioners, appeared to heavily favor Sullivan.

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Sturzl said...

As a newcomer to Wauwatosa and as someone who went to the debate yesterday, I am completely amazed that Tom Reynolds was elected anything in our district. The man has as much charisma as a cold piece of pizza. I had the pleasue of sitting next to the older couple who gave Reynolds so much grief. Did you notice at the end of one of his answers he worried about making sure this district continued to be a great place for our kids to work (as opposed to being a great place for our kids to LIVE)? Also, if he's so concerned about having places for our kids to work, why did he skip the opening of GE Healthcare? This guy needs to go.