Sunday, October 22, 2006

Feckless Frenn response #2

Mr. Thomas Frenn
Petrie & Stocking
111 E. Wisconsin Ave.
Suite 1500
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Oct. 22, 2006

Dear Mr. Frenn,

I have received your latest missive.

I understand that you and Mr. Reynolds now contend that Mr. Reynolds' campaign paid utility bills for the building at or behind 9500 W. Schlinger Ave. I have posted those assertions on the milwaukeerising blog in the past when they have been made and will continue to do so.

This latest contention, however, is different than the one you made last week, when you wrote:

"Tom Reynolds has his campaign office on the same property as his home, which is equipped with those items to run his campaign including printing presses."

Could you please clarify for me whether you actually meant to say Mr. Reynolds' home is equipped with those items?

Mr. Reynolds has not included on his campaign finance statements any rent or in-kind contribution of the rental value for the 9500 W. Schlinger Ave. property. Could you please tell me why this is so? Mr. Reynolds told the Journal Sentinel the building is used almost exclusively for campaign purposes. It is somewhat alarming that the campaign is paying utility costs on a building without acknowledging the value of that building to the campaign, especially since it is a building in which Mr. Reynolds may also have a commercial interest (he is a printer and the building contains printing presses).

The story on the utility issue simply says that Mr. Reynolds lists his home as his campaign headquarters, which Mr. Reynolds acknowledges to be true. I have, however, updated the story to include Mr. Reynolds' assertion that the utility payments were for the 9500 W. Schlinger property, and to include the changing nature of your explanations.

I have another question about Mr. Reynolds' campaign finance report as well.

Mr. Reynolds reported a $10,750 in-kind contribution on Aug. 28, 2006. The amount matches an Aug. 26 in-kind expenditure for Mr. Reynolds' printing services. Wisconsin Stats. 11.06 (4)(b) requires that "unless it is returned or donated within 15 days of receipt, a contribution must be reported as received and accepted on the date received." Please identify the specifics of the $10,750 Aug. 28 in-kind printing contribution, and how that value of the contribution was determined. Please include any hourly rates that Mr. Reynolds used to determine the value of the contribution.

In the meantime, stop misrepresenting my statements. I did not, as you put it, admit in comments to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that I was wrong. You falsely accused me of alleging that Mr. Reynolds broke the law, which I did not do. You then disseminated your false accusations to the Story Hill Neighborhood Association, which is not involved in this matter. You also distributed your latest letter to the Story Hill Neighborhood Association.

Please explain to me why you are copying SHNA on your correspondence to me. I will expect your explanation to change once or twice, as that seems to be par for the course.

Your intimidation tactics will not work. They do not no credit to you or the Petrie & Stocking law firm.

I await your prompt replies to my inquiries. I would appreciate it if you would have someone proofread and correct your response before you send it to me.


Gretchen Schuldt

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Dohnal said...

Building Wisconsin's Future is hiring Godfrey and Kahn to defend them. Who will your attornies be?