Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Both sides of his mouth

County Executive Scott Walker shows one face to the general public and another to the red meat crowd he courts at election time.

Walker's Oct. 20 "Executive Update" lauded the leadership of the County Board on fiscal issues:

I want to give credit to the County Board Chairman Holloway and Finance and Audit Committee Chairman Nyklewicz for their leadership this week in warning others about the finance situation of the county. As mentioned, we have a nearly $90 million budget hole and the most that the tax levy can increase under state law is well under $10 million. Without help in controlling health care costs, that means that the members of the county board will have to consider the majority of the spending reductions. While we may disagree about the ultimate level of the tax levy (I want no increase), it is important that we work together to address the real financial concerns of the county.

But in an early-month fund-raising appeal, Walker took the County Board to task, as the JS reported.

In it, he rips the board as "tax-and-spend liberals" and asks for donations of up to $500 to help defend his budget plan and proposed tax-levy freeze.

The letter notes the support on the board for a sales tax increase, which Walker opposes.

Translation: Please send me $500 so I can stop the board from raising your taxes much less than that to preserve county services.

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