Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ya gotta love the Reynolds' crowd

Timid Tom Reynolds might just duck out of another debate, as Xoff reported yesterday, and the Spice boys did today.

Insisting that no cameras or audio recorders be allowed at the debate, as Reynolds is doing, is a tremendously stupid move, but consider that one of his top advisors is Battlin' Bob Dohnal and it's much easier to understand why Timid Tom keeps doing these truly wacko things.

How dipsy is Dohnal? In a 2004 "Wauwatosa Voter Fraud Alert" he ranted against the "left-wingers that control the Common Council" and cautioned that "many of the people at city hall are wild-eyed leftists."

Left-wingers controlling the Wauwatosa Common Council? Yah, right.

Wild-eyed leftists issuing building permits? Quick! Somebody call Homeland Security!

"You can never trust the left," Dohnal wrote. "Most of this secular/socialist bunch believes in situational ethics, that means do whatever you must to win, forget the Judea/Christian ethic."

Wow. Wacko thought process, bad punctuation, and misused terminology all together in just a few sentences!

(Memo to ditzy Dohnal: Bob, I think you meant Judeo-Christian, "a term used to describe the body of concepts and values which are thought to be held in common by Judaism and Christianity." Judea would be a place west of the Jordan River.)

Maybe Dohnal and Reynolds are worried that the dreaded video cameras and audio recorders -- which, shockingly, do not hold the Judeo-Christian ethic -- will be wielded at the debate by some wild-eyed secular/socialist City of Wauwatosa employee. The horror!

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