Friday, September 22, 2006

What's missing from this editorial?

From yesterday's editorial on rebuilding the Zoo Interchange:

The Zoo Interchange is vital to commerce and commuters from West Bend and points north to Brookfield and points west. It is critical to continued economic growth in Washington and Waukesha counties and even in Racine and Kenosha counties, which rely on traffic to the north and west. And there is no question that the growth of businesses in the nearby Milwaukee County Research Park and at the Medical College of Wisconsin requires an improved interchange.

How nice of the Journal Sentinel to not mention the City of Milwaukee, which will bear the brunt of negative impacts of any freeway reconstruction or expansion.

It's pretty clear the paper is abandoning the city to chase suburban advertising dollars. Let's see if the paper does an entire flip-flop and call for expansion of the Interchange.

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