Friday, September 29, 2006

Walker's weird symbolism

Not only was County Executive Scott Walker's budget address devoid of content, but his symbolism was really weird.

He held up a piece of the old Annex, and said tearing it down gave people a new view of the courthouse, and then he related that to a new vision for Milwaukee County.

Why would Walker talk about the Annex in a major address in the first place? It was mainly a parking garage -- does Walker consider tearing down a parking garage for way more money than was budgeted his major accomplishment? Pretty damned pathetic.

The Annex project cost overruns led Walker to raid the $1.3 million set aside for cleaning up the county-caused E. coli problem at Bradford Beach. Walker tore down his garage, but thousands of county residents and visitors remained exposed to a potentially deadly bacteria. Walker must consider that a fair trade.

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