Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tom Reynolds' biggest fan is -- Tom Reynolds

Tom Reynolds is by far the biggest (in-kind) donor to his campaign fund since 2002.
Tom Reynolds is by far the biggest (in-kind) payee of his campaign fund since 2002.

Count it up. Reynolds' campaign finance reports say he donated $84,620 of the $331,756 in individual contributions that he's raised since 2002 -- that's a whopping $25.4% of funds coming from the candidate.

Not to worry -- Reynolds also was the largest payee of his own campaign fund, accounting for $90, 727 of the campaign's $326,050 in total expenditures, or just under 28%.

Most of the donations and expenses "in kind" -- no money actually changed hands. Reynolds provided printing services for himself and donated the labor.

A few examples will illustrate. Just last year, on Dec. 31 -- the last day of the campaign finance reporting period, not coincidentally -- Reynolds' campaign recorded an in-kind contribution from Tom himself of $1,546.30. On that same day, his campaign recorded an in-kind expenditure of $1,546, made to Tom.

Same thing on Oct. 21, 2002, when Mr. Reynolds kicked in $37,797 in an in-kind donation. That same amount is listed on the same day as an expenditure from the Reynolds' campaign that went to Reynolds. It's not recorded as an in-kind expenditure, but I assume it was to show the other side of the in-kind transaction.

Boy, if Tom didn't give to Tom, Jim Sullivan's fundraising lead would be even bigger.

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