Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Reynolds flunkie JJ Blonien wanted to be represented by Jim Sullivan

Just a few years ago, JJ Blonien, right hand man to right wing nut State Sen. Tom Reynolds, was petitioning the City of Wauwatosa to please, please let him be represented by Wauwatosa Ald. Jim Sullivan.

Sullivan now is running against Reynolds for the 5th District state senate seat. Blonien is on Reynolds' senate staff and also is a big spoke in Reynolds' flat tire of a campaign, in charge of the nasty side of Reynold's race.

Whatever Blonien is now, he wanted to be Sullivan's constituent back in 2003.

The Journal Sentinel had the story, complete with quotes from both Blonien and Sullivan.

"We're kind of a lost neighborhood," said Jerry Blonien, of the 2600 block of N. 61st St., who insists that some Milwaukee police officers assigned to the area don't even know the neighborhood is in their jurisdiction.

Jerry Blonien is otherwise known as JJ Blonien.

"No one seems to realize that we are part of Milwaukee, so we're largely ignored."

More than 100 Milwaukee residents and property owners along N. 60th and 61st streets have petitioned Wauwatosa to take up their cause.

The neighbors, who live on the two blocks south of W. Center St., are asking the city to engage Milwaukee in talks to move their border 11/2 blocks east so it aligns with the rest of the Tosa-Milwaukee line at N. 60th St.

The story continues:

"People want to join us in Tosa? They're welcome," said James Sullivan, one of two aldermen who would represent the residents were they in Wauwatosa. "But they have to take it up with the City of Milwaukee."

Doesn't sound like Blonien thinks Sullivan is so bad after all.

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