Saturday, September 23, 2006

Questions about Tom Reynolds' utility bills

It's one thing to have your campaign headquarters in your house, as State Sen. Tom Reynolds (R- Loony Land) does.

It's another thing when you charge utility costs for your "campaign headquarters" to your campaign fund, as Tom Reynolds does. Even when there's not an election looming.

Let's go back to February, 2004, when Reynolds was very comfortably in the middle of his first term. Some people recognized him for the half-baked clown he is, but there was certainly no election threat on the immediate horizon. No reason to be burning the midnight light bulbs cooking up campaign strategies.

Yet Reynolds charged $57.79 for "gas and electric" for his "campaign headquarters" (his house) to his campaign fund. Hope none of that went to keep his kiddies warm at night. That would be a lot like converting campaign funds to personal use, which would be a distinct no-no.

State statute makes that clear:

No person, committee or group may make or authorize a disbursement or the incurrence of an obligation from moneys solicited for political purposes for a purpose which is other than
political, except as specifically authorized by law.

Maybe Reynolds was in campaign mode in those election off years. In March, 2004, his campaign picked up two payments -- $58.43 on the 13th and $45.20 on the 29th; in May of that year, it was another two payments -- one for $29.44 and one for $35.81, both paid on May 28.

(In June he spent $197.28 at Half Nuts, which seems so appropriate, if somewhat understated.)

Reynolds, in fact, has been charging utility costs to his campaign fund since before he was elected in 2002. That year, a $40.17 electric bill was picked up by the campaign fund on Sept. 16, a week later, on Sept. 24, another $239.85 electric bill was paid by the same source, according to Reynolds' campaign finance report.

Reynolds' house /campaign headquarters isn't all that big -- 1,408 square feet, according to the West Allis city assessor's office. Utility costs should be relatively modest.

On and on it went, with utility costs sloughed off to the campaing fund more frequently:

November 2002 $140.98.
November, 2002 $76.18.
March 2003, $79.91
Sept. 2003, $68.33
November 2003, $32.94
December 2003, $61.06
February 2004, $57.79
March 2004, $58.43
March , 2004, $45.20
May, 2004, $29.44
May, 2004, $35.81
July 2004 $25.94
July 2004 $23.42
September 2004 35.52
September 2004 $26.32
November 2004 $32.99
December 2004 $33.83
December 2004 $58.12
Feb. 2005 $103.98
March 2005 $64.12
April 2005 $75.63
April 2005 $28.55
June 2005 $29.14
July 2005 $28.59
July 2005 $27.95
September 2005 $30.26
October 2005 $26.42
November 2005 $29.47
December 2005 $28.78
December 2005 $101.26
February 2006 $95.02
March 2006 $85.95
April 2006 $97.30
May 2006 $74.77
June 2006 $50.94
June 2006 $69.84
August 2006 $200.30
August 2006 $113.83

It could very well be that Reynolds is not charging the full cost of his utilities to his campaign, but he needs to explain how he separates his family's utility bills from his campaign headquarters' utility bills. A guy who literally poses for holy pictures can't be keeping his family warm with campaign funds.

Oh, yeah. Not a dime from Reynolds' campaign fund went to JJ Blonien, Reynolds' campaign "consultant" who also is on Reynolds' senate payroll as a staffer. Wonder how they keep those two roles nicely separate.


Anonymous said...

The actual Reynolds' campaign headquarters is a seperate building behind 9500 W. Schlinger, not the Reynolds' house. This explains the campaign finance report.

Anonymous said...

R- Loony Land??
As a resident of Reynolds District who has never supported him, I resent that elitist comment.
Sorry, we are not all as sexy and chic as Story Hill!

Gretchen Schuldt said...

R-Loony Land refers to Reynolds' state of mind, not his physical address.

Dohnal said...

Reynolds must report any use of his printing machines as campaign expenditures. His printing machines run on electricty so that he must allocate the use for campaign literature and fundraising or he would be in violation of election laws.

Gretchen Schuldt said...

Oh. Then Reynolds did not properly list his campaign headquarters on his campaign finance statements. And he listed his 9500 W. Schlinger property as a "rental property" on his ethics statement. No mention anywhere that any building on the property was his campaign HQ and that he was charging utilities to the campaign.

Dohnal said...

His campaign headquarters has nothing to do with his printing machines. They are where they are and he doesn't have to list their location, but must itemize their use for campaign and fundraising materials.
The left cannot debate the issues cause they lose on them so they always resort to vicious personal smears.

Dohnal said...

It is irrelevant where the machines are located, the electricty and use has to be logged for any campaign or fundraising for which they are used.
Since Reynolds is constantly using them for fundraisng letters, invites to other events that cannot be state business he must report that use otherwise he would get ited by the state.
When these things come up he confers with the election and ethics board..
Wwhenever the liberals cannot debate the real issues of education, taxes, immigration, transportation they resort to vicious personal smears.
Welcome to their club Gretchen.

Gretchen Schuldt said...

This money was all to pay for his printing costs. That must be why Reynolds' finance report lists "Utilities for campaign headquarters" on the expense line.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bob, be careful what you wish for here. In fact, Reynolds does a good deal of printing for his legislative office as well, and certainly did during the time periods for which he was reimbursed for electricity by his campaign.

I understand that he printed legislative newsletters (designed at state expense, as well as office stationery, with paper supplied by the state. At the end of the day, I can't imagine how Reynolds can discern between the amount of electricity he uses for his business, as opposed to his campaign, as opposed to state business.

The fact is that Reynolds is not especially careful about mixing state business, personal business, and campaign business.

Anonymous said...

Libs can't debate the issues???

Isn't it the Supreme Coward of LooneyLand who is afraid to come to a debate??? Is it cameras he is afraid of, or the truth about his predeliction to fingers in the butt?