Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mark Green's Jewish problem

It took me a while to catch up Mark Green's position on freeway expansion, as reported on the JS's web site.

Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Green: "In the best interests of safety and economic development, eight lanes make sense." Notes, "We will need to make sure taxpayers can afford the price tag attached to such a massive undertaking. If we end up with eight lanes, we need to ensure such an expansion won't disturb the Wood National Veterans' Cemetery and we should make every effort to minimize the effects on Milwaukee homeowners." (8/28/06)

His pro-expansion point of view is no surprise -- Green sold his soul to the road builders long ago -- but his silence about the fate of the Jewish cemetery immediately adjacent to both Wood National Cemetery and I-94 is a little disconcerting. Perhaps Green didn't know about the cemetery, which only would show he didn't do his homework and probably shouldn't be allowed to decisions about transportation projects that would have major community impacts. Or, worse, maybe he doesn't care about the Jewish cemetery.

Click here to see a video about how one family feels about the possibility that a loved one's eternal resting place may be in the path of a freeway project. The video is the second on the page.

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