Sunday, September 10, 2006

Green education plan knocks out jocks

Mark Green's education plan would pretty much kill big-time athletics at UW-Madison.

“The UW is now actively choosing out-of-state students with worse grades and test scores ahead of Wisconsin students. I think that's just plain wrong and I'm going to change that," he said in his press release announcing his latest non-idea.

The Green press release continued:

Green said he will also work to ensure that UW administrators “never get the chance” to implement their new admissions policy - which would reduce the importance of academics in admissions standards in favor of other factors like race and musical ability.

If Green would keep kids out of the UW marching band because their grades are not good enough, he certainly wouldn't let a academically marginal superstar jock take up a spot on campus that could be occupied by a smarter student.


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