Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Scott Walker loves flooding

Scott Walker wants to over-develop the County Grounds. He also wants to spend $8 to $10 billion on freeway expansion, even though the state doesn't have the money and isn't likely to get it. All this adds a huge amount of space where water can't be absorbed. More spaces in Milwaukee County where water can't be absorbed means more flooding and sewer overflows for county residents.

So what does Walker do? He joins a press conference held to complain about spending $350,000 to replace playground asphalt with grass, which actually can absorb water and help prevent flooding and overflows. Only Walker's argument against this funding is so weak that he and his cohorts have to misrepresent its purpose. From the JS:

The Americans for Prosperity Foundation held a news conference at O'Donnell Park to attack a provision in the Interior Department appropriations bill that earmarks $350,000 for urban tree planting. Foundation President Tim Phillips and other speakers, including County Executive Scott Walker and several Republican political candidates, said they weren't opposed to trees but thought $350,000 was too much for 3,000 trees.

In fact, the money did not go for trees alone but was part of a $700,000 city program of replacing asphalt with grass and trees at schools, after a study showed it would help cut Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District overflows, said Eileen Force, Mayor Tom Barrett's spokeswoman.

So, Scott, are you for sewer overflows?

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