Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mark Green scurries away from the hard part

When the hard part came, Mark Green scurried away into his little hidey-hole.

Green this week unveiled a real silly document he called a budget plan that did nothing but show he, too, can dream the impossible dream. When people started asking basic questions about the plan, Mark Green couldn't or wouldn't answer.

Green's campaign manager, Mark Graul, now acknowledges Green's plan isn't a real plan at all, but is rather "a statement of principle."

"We don't have the budget office available to us to do line item by line item of what that will be," Graul said.

I like that. Lisen up, everybody. If elected governor, I will ensure the Packers win the Super Bowl.

That's my plan. Wait, it's not a plan! It's a statement of principles. After all, I don't have the Packers playbook to go line by line of how to win.

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