Saturday, August 05, 2006

Green's budget plan becomes clearer: it's all about roads

Mark Green has been working hard to avoid giving out any details of his budget non-plan which has since morphed into a "statement of principle." In today's JS, however, he makes his top priority very, very clear (italics added):

Doyle's Republican opponent, U.S. Rep. Mark Green of Green Bay, has blamed Doyle for hurting the transportation fund by diverting money from it to boost aid to schools. Green has said he would never do that; Canter would not say whether Doyle would repeat that strategy in a second term.

Green's campaign said Green would support diverting tax money from vehicle sales to the transportation fund. But spokesman Luke Punzenberger would not say if Green would support raising the gas tax or vehicle registration fees, or if he would support implementing tolls.

Mark Green is apparently willing to sacrifice a lot of state programs on the altar of the transportation fund and road builders. But every dollar he is committing to the transportation fund is a dollar that would be taken away from other state-supported programs. When will he tell us what he would cut?

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geoff hurtado said...

And this is a surprise to anyone?