Monday, August 14, 2006

Green's 70% plan promises a whole lot more than he can deliver

Mark Green's unoriginal and not particularly workable 70% education plan (70% of school district spending must be spent directly in the classroom) includes a promise to "let local school districts maintain control of all decisions as they work to reach the 70 percent threshold."

Cool, Mark, but the federal government isn't going to waive its numerous and voluminous education mandates, so you are promising something you simply cannot deliver.

DPI was to receive more than $550 million in federal funding in 2005-06 for administration and school aids. It was to get another $48 million in federal aids for libraries, organization and individuals.

If your 70% plan led to violations of requirements governing use and reporting of federal funds those funds, would you be willing to forego the money? Then what?

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