Sunday, August 20, 2006

Grabbing credit where it isn't due

The city, the governor, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation worked hard to get a Canal St. bus route established. County supervisors and County Executive Scott Walker refused to provide the funding needed for this new county bus route. The city proposed using borrowed city money to fund the county route, but some aldermen balked using funds meant for city capital projects to pay for operating a bus route instead. In the end, Gov. Doyle and the Department of Transportation provided the money so the city didn't have to.

So who is taking credit?

County Supervisor Peggy West. (I've corrected the bad punctuation contained in the actual release.)

“It was time for the Valley’s 10,000 employees to have access to reliable transportation to
work,” states Supervisor West. "In addition with the opening of Canal Street to 35th Street and all of the exciting development going on in the Valley, the bus route will be a wonderful selling point as MVBP strives to bring more dynamic businesses to the Valley.”

So, Peggy, tell us again where you were when they were trying to find the funding for this route.

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